Famous Ghost House
Famous Ghost House

Cooneen Ghost House, Ghost Hunting

The Cooneen Ghost House is one of the most famous stories in Irish folklore. 


A terrifying poltergeist is said to have plagued Bridget Murphy in 1913 so much so, she and her 7 children were forced to emigrate to America in an attempt to rid themselves of the ghostly menace.


The ghost, or Coonian poltergeist, would show itself by lifting beds from the floor, throwing plates across the room, knocking on the front door and banging pots and pans. 


Mrs Murphy’s husband is said to have died in a freak accident bringing on the appearance of the ghost and the unexplained incidents in the house. The Cooneen ghost house is known as the only house in Ireland in which an exorcism was carried out by local priests in an endeavour to rid the house of the poltergeist. 


The exorcism failed and it is claimed that the poltergeist travelled with the family to America but eventually returned to the  house some time later.


The house is nestled in the Cooneen mountains, only a few miles from the hotel, and can be clearly seen from the roadside since the forestry cut down all the trees surrounding the house. 


Many articles and television programmes have been made about the Cooneen ghost, some insisting the house still holds paranormal powers. 


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